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Driving eyewear | EyeDrive lenses - designed for drivers on the road

Glasses with lenses that are uniquely equipped for driving, not only provide a relaxing ride, but considerably increase safety on the road. But what is it that most users must have on their minds, while purchasing a pair of glasses for driving?


Bad eyesight is one of the biggest safety risks while driving!


Glasses that are equipped for driving are far more than a modern accessory: they help us see better, increase safety on the road, help our eyes relax, and protect them from harmful radiation.. among other things.

Studies show that many drivers have problems with bad eyesight. It is one of the main causes of accidents that happen on the road, and a risk that every driver can easily reduce. Regular eye examinations with your ophthalmologist, and as necessary, having the right glasses is of the utmost importance for each and every driver on the road.

Every time we drive, our eyes have to face hardships like bad light conditions, blinding sunlight, fog, wet and reflective roads. Do not forget that our eyes also have to pay attention to other drivers, road signs and a constant river of information. However, the right glasses can make long and frequent trips into a comfortable and safe traveling experience.

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But what makes an ideal pair of driving glasses?

EyeDrive® lenses for driving

EyeDrive® technology with Reflect Control is an innovation comparable to the development of electric vehicles in the automotive industry. This new segment is specially designed to offer a fresh and clear sight during the day and night - an ideal solution for drivers on the road.

When lenses with the standard anti-reflex reach their limit. EyeDrive® is here to show off its extraordinary sharp eyesight, especially at night.


EyeDrive® INNOVATION for both daytime and night-time

EyeDrive® reduces glare and provides a wide viewing angle for all zones - on both daytime and night-time.

EyeDrive® is the ideal lens for people who spend a lot of time on the road: as a perfect second pair of glasses for driving, or to use throughout the entire day, especially for first time wearers. EyeDrive® is a lens which will leave users stunted with its unique properties.



Reflect Control is a new technology which lies in the back of EyeDrive® lenses. It represents a unique combination of lens design and lens modification. It compensates the irritation that comes from a sudden blast of light which reaches the eye, thus improving contrast. The night reflection of EyeDrive® lenses is 90% lower when comparing to organic lenses without an anti-reflex layer (Index 1.6) and 57% lower when comparing to lenses with the basic anti-reflex layer that is currently available on the market.



Transitions® XTRActive® are photosensitive lenses which can dim even behind the windshield of a car. Transitions® XTRActive® lenses can perfectly adjust themselves to different light environments, and thus ensure dimming even behind the windshield of a car( up to 50%).*

Lens activation ensures ideal vision with bright sunlight as well as in lower light conditions, like tunnels or forest areas. Because of that, Transitions® XTRActive® lenses make it easier for the user instead of having two pairs of glasses, which would require him to constantly switch glasses when driving and not. This way, it becomes much easier to focus on the road.

Transitions® XTRActive® are also perfectly adjusted for night-time driving. Combining optimal protection from glaring at night and having quality protection against the Sun during the daytime, presents the ideal solution for people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car.


*The dimming of Transitions® XTRActive® lenses behind the windshield of a car depends on a couple of factors, for example: shape and the angle of the windshield, permeability properties, the position of the driver and side windows.



These users are behind the wheel of a car every day, because it represents a core part of their work responsibilities, for e.g. sales representatives, taxi drivers, bus and truck drivers... for them, clear vision during the entire day is of the utmost importance. That is why these users are the ideal wearers of EyeDrive® lenses, these provide a high degree of quality vision, no matter the time of day, especially with the Transitions XTRActive lenses.

How can people who wear glasses evaluate the quality of their own vision? This diagram below shows how drivers rate the quality of their own vision, according to studies conducted from opticians and ophthalmologist.


Chart for people who doubt their vision the road


Fashion oriented, socially entwined, often in contact with their friends, constantly on the move. However, some might feel unsafe when they have to drive in the dusk or at night. This type of user needs a second pair of glasses for night drives. EyeDrive® offers a fresh and sharp eyesight throughout the entire day.

What extra pair of glasses are they looking for? This diagram below shows an answer to the question: for what purpose would someone want to have a second(or just the one) pair of glasses.

Almost every fifth driver on the road.


They are young, recent owners of a newly acquired drivers license of a motorcycle or a car. EyeDrive® becomes the perfect solution against beginner mistakes, being able to see signs on the road, or the dashboard of a car at night, without the fear of uncomfortable glaring.

How do young people who don't wear glasses judge the quality of their own vision? This diagram below shows how young drivers rate the quality of their own vision, according to studies conducted from opticians and ophthalmologist.

People who have doubts in the quality of their eyesight.


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