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How to choose a frame acording to the shape of your face?

Determine the shape of your face and choose a pair of glasses accordingly! Observe yourself in the mirror, or on a photograph, and compare against the pictures below. In general, there are 5 basic face shapes:


okruglo lice

DESCRIPTION: The shape of your face is without sharp edges, with a tendency to have wider cheeks and a rounded line along the jaw line and forehead. The length of the face is equal to or almost equal to its width.

BEST FRAME TO CHOOSE: Squared, with highlighted edges, for example: "wayfarer" or "nerdy" frames.

TO NOTE: Do not choose a rounded frame.



ovalno lice

DESCRIPTION: This type of face has the ideal proportions. The length of the face is equal to 1.5 in width, while the width of the forehead and jaw is the same, or very close.

BEST FRAME TO CHOOSE: Any shape. This type is most welcoming when it comes to picking any kind of frame.

TO NOTE: Choose a frame that is as wide as the widest part of your face.

END GAME OF A DESIRED FRAME: Keeping the balance of your proportioned face.


srcoliko lice

DESCRIPTION: Faces with a heart shape or a shape of an inverted triangle, are characterized by the width in the area of the cheeks and forehead, the face then becomes more narrow toward the jaw. The line on the chin with this shape is usually not outlined, which means that the top of the chin is usually more sharp.

BEST FRAME TO CHOOSE: Rounded frame, or a frame with a wider lower part. Or opt for the glasses without a "frame".

TO NOTE: Choose a frame with a narrow bridge on the nose and highlight the lower part of your face with the frame.

END GAME OF A DESIRED FRAME: Create the right proportion of your face by widening the chin and shortening the forehead.


cetvrtasto lice

DESCRIPTION: Characterized by a strong and wide forehead with a squared jaw, by which the forehead and the jawline are almost the same width. The shape of your face can be more rectangular,  if the face is narrower or squared, then the face is wider.

BEST FRAME TO CHOOSE: Rounded, rotund oval shape( for example: aviator glasses).

TO NOTE: Elongate your face with a frame whose width is longer than it's height.

END GAME OF A DESIRED FRAME: Soften and extend the sharp lines of your face.


trouglasto lice

DESCRIPTION: Faces with a triangled shape have a specific narrow forehead and cheeks, the face then widens towards the jaw. The jaw is much wider than the forehead and usually has a very distinct line.

BEST FRAME TO CHOOSE: Round, oval or "cat-like" frame for women.

TO NOTE: Highlight the upper part of the face with a frame that has a distinct upper part or with a "half-frame". Choose a frame with decals on the brow line.

END GAME OF THE DESIRED FRAME: Reduce the width of the jaw and move the focus on the lower part of your face.


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